Election opinion poll for 2014 Lok Sabha Elections

Election opinion poll for 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, Is it the end of congress rule in India?

modi_02_052113110143The opinion poll surveys conducted by C-Voter can increase the number of wrinkles in on the forehead of PM Manmohan Singh. Let us check the outcomes in number in three major states –

  • According to the Survey in Delhi, only 3% people prefer Manmohan Singh as India’s PM. The number for Modi is 55% and Rahul Gandhi is 18%.
  • In Madhya Pradesh MMS gets 8% votes only. On other hand, the numbers for Rahul and NaMo are 16% and 59% respectively.
  • Rajasthan also shows somewhat same trend with 8% votes for MMS, and 48% and 17% votes for NaMo and Rahul respectively.